4 babies

In addition to my own nugget, three babies joined my family this year. That means my little sis will have three cousins her age. Three!  In her grade in school, even. It's been fun to be pregnant with my two older sisters and my sister-in-law Julie. We've complained to each other about nausea and getting fat and heartburn and it's nice to have people who really get it. I mean, any woman who has had a baby gets it but when you're in the thick of it, it's easier to be empathetic with each other.

So let me introduce these beauties:

The first was born to my sister Melissa. Her name is Mary Irene. She is sweet and snuggly and so loved. This first picture of Melissa brings me to tears every time I see it. 

The second baby was born to Julie. They named him Connor Lincoln. He is funny and has an old soul - or so my mom says. He came at the perfect time, right when the family needed some hope.

(Me with Conner - not Julie)

(Me with Conner - not Julie)

My sister Lacey had her baby boy Beckham Mark on Saturday. I haven't met him yet but I can't wait to. Lacey and Drew are such cool parents and he is so loved by his older sisters already. Also, Lacey's birth story is crazy. She ended up having him completely natural--on accident. Yeah, rockstar.

I love these three so much. It terrifies me though that mine is next. I always had another baby to plan on, but now it's just me. Yikes.