I swear this blog is becoming less about writing and more about our sporadic travels. I'm hoping that will change soon - I miss blogging and the community even though my break to write my book was great. I'm still writing but hoping to come here a little more often.

Me and Kev went to Maui last week just the two of us. He finished his first trimester of second year (a huge deal since second year is the hardest of med school) and was fried by the end. Maui was the perfect place to unwind and reconnect and sleep. Mostly sleep.

We went snorkeling, canoeing, swimming every day, read, slept, worked out, and mostly slept and ate a lot. It was everything we don't usually do on vacation - relax. Traveling is expensive and hard to plan and the actual flights and packing aren't fun but it's always worth it. If we don't have a trip planned I get stressed out.

Here are a few pictures if you'd like to see. Kevin got an underwater camera for his birthday last year. (His dream besides being a doctor is to be an underwater photographer. Serious.) I think it's adorable so was so excited he got some great underwater shots. He also took a yoga class with me and I'll always love him for that. He'd kill me if he knew I was posting this but come on - his Warrior II is spot on.