She's home

Jess is home from 18 months of Lithuania and I missed her more than I can say.

Others have told me that the time flew by, but I have to disagree. It was the longest 18 months of my life, the longest I could probably bear to be away from someone I love so much. She returned with an even bigger heart if that is possible, and such passion for a people I never thought much about before she went there.

I spoke about our last goodbye here, and the pain of saying goodbye here. I still mean those things, but I think we've both grown in 18 months. I learned how to love from afar and swallow the endless lumps in my throat and she learned how to give. Both were necessary I guess.

Someone asked me if she is a different person, but I told them instead that she is new. It's pretty amazing that life sometimes offers us the chance to be reborn, and it is even more amazing that people like her are brave enough to take it.

Love you Sese.