Two weeks I went to Vegas for the weekend with friends. We've planning the trip forever. With two of us in Phoenix (me and Liz) and most of our friends still in Utah, Vegas was the perfect halfway point. Only three of us could make it this time, but hopefully next trip the others can join in!

Stacey and Tia are seriously the best.We agreed on our itinerary the whole time, doing a lot of pool lounging, shopping, and eating. We shared a $12 ($12!!?) shake at Serendipity and then later met my dad at the Bellagio. He had clients in town for a conference and texted me later, saying that our shake was a bargain compared to the $300 he had to throw down for their 8 drinks.

There's nothing like being with your old friends. The same girls I had sleepovers with at age 11 I'm still having sleepovers with and I love it. Highlights include listening to Stacey Facetime her dog Oakley (hilarious), Tia's "voice", H & M at Caesar's Palace, them trying to get tan at the pool while I did everything I could to cover up, pedicures at a creepy place (mine chipped 2 seconds later, awesome) and trying to sleep in the same bed as Tia while she texted all night. Oh - and this gem of a picture. The poor old lady struggled so bad to take it that when she asked if it looked alright I just said, "Yeah! Perfect!" Lesson learned.

Until next time Vegas. 

P.s. thank you so much for your kind comments and texts and calls following the post about my accident. I don't know how I got so lucky to have such good friends but I do. It means more than you know.