Day One

I have this app called Day One. It's like a journal - it has a password and everything (yes, my 8 year old inner self loves that part.) It reminds me every day at 9:24 to write something down or type, rather.

I realize it is a little pathetic that I do this. I mean, I could set a timer to write in my journal, but I feel like you have to document in a way that works for you and for now, this works. Also, it is easy to include pictures.

Here are a few excerpts from it - nothing too juicy, so don't get excited. Just small things I want to remember, small experiences in my life.

September 19: I am in Nashville with Lacey and the girls. We played outside and made Halloween cards with the stickers I gave them. Seeing Lacey being a mom makes me want to be one. She's good at it.

September 21: We arrived in Fontana, North Carolina today. My favorite thing was Emmy shrieking for us to come outside at night. She was so excited for us to come out so she could show us the stars.

September 24: We threw a birthday party for Harrison today. He was teething so I'm not sure if he loved it, but we sure love him. 

September 28:
     Kevin: "Sorry I picked medical school.
     Me: "Yup."
     Kevin: "Well? Better luck next life."

October 2: We said goodbye to Brad today. We're pretty proud of him for going on a mission and made sure he knows that. He's so ready to serve the people of Bolivia.

October 29: Tonight I told Kevin I wouldn't let him go to sleep until he wrote me a haiku. Here is what he came up with. Poor sleep-deprived medical student.

"Sleep is a good thing.
I awake, though not by choice.
To sleep in is bliss."

October 31: "When nobody else celebrates you, learn to celebrate yourself. When nobody else compliments you, then compliment yourself. It's not up to other people to keep you encouraged. It is up to you. Encouragement should come from the inside." - Joel Osteen

November 5: Great yoga session tonight with my friend Tish. In the middle of our wind down, the lights are off, and we are focusing on our breathing. We are almost asleep, when the instructor tries to turn off the music and the speakers crackle. My heart jumped out of my chest and the look on Tish's face was priceless. Great way to end the practice. Namaste.

November 11: "It will not be easy. It will never be easy. But the optimist will persist in faith." - A quote from Henry B. Eyring at my church's Regional conference.

November 17: Tonight or should I say this morning? We landed in El Salvador for our layover. It is such a beautiful country from above. I can see how someone would be homesick for this place.

And today, December 8: "There are a million ways to kneel and kiss the ground." - Rumi